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How many calls can a telemarketer make in an 8.5-hour shift?

On average, our telemarketers can make a minimum of 100 calls with a maximum of 200 for business campaigns, and between 200 and 400 for residential campaigns. However, the number of calls will depend on various factors, such as the varying length of each conversation and the actual requirements of the client.

Do you guarantee appointments or sales?

We do not promise our clients set guarantees. However, we really work with our clients to determine their desired results for each campaign. We can give you a realistic estimate on expected results.

Will the same telemarketer be assigned to my campaign all throughout?

Yes. We will assign the best telemarketer that is most suited to your requirements and he/she will be dedicated to you throughout your campaign. You will directly speak and coordinate with him/her as if he/she was your directly-hired personal telemarketer.

How can we be assured on the quality of output?

All our telemarketers are well-trained by mentors who possess extensive experience in the telemarketing and customer service field. We also have our quality control officers who make sure that all appointments, leads, or sales that are forwarded to you are 100% validated.

How do we get the appointments?

We will send you reports via email at the end of each telemarketer’s shift. This includes detailed documentation of each of the calls made for the day and the appointments set or sales made. On the other hand, we can also provide you with a system that allows you to receive records of each appointment set right away or to share an online calendar with the telemarketer.

Is there a minimum contract?

The standard minimum contract for our customer service and telemarketing services is 3 months. But because we understand that your requirements are not necessarily the same as other companies, we always offer flexible terms. We also accommodate discounts, especially for long-term contracts and a large volume of telemarketers needed.

Is there a minimum amount of agents for a campaign?

Yes, the minimum amount of agents per campaign is 3 agents per month.

Where is your call centre located?

Our call centre is located at Philexcel Business Park, M. A Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga 2009, Philippines.

How do we pay for your services?

Payment can be made through EFT into our Australian Bank account or by credit card. Monthly billing is done in advance.

How soon can we get started?

We can start a partnership right away. If you have the script and call list ready, we can start within 48 hours.

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