Our Team

Ben Smithwick

Managing Director

Ben has worked in the Sales, Marketing & Customer Service industries in Australia and the Philippines for 17 years, he has now been based permanently in the Philippines for 7 years founding AusPhil Outsourcing Pty Ltd in 2009, and in this time he has forged many relationships with Australian, NZ, Singaporean & British clients, helping them move offshore with their Telemarketing, Sales, Customer Support and Back office Solutions, with much success over the years he has employed 1000’s of experienced Filipinos to help service his clients from around the globe.

Prior to AusPhil Outsourcing, in 2004 Ben co-founded a marketing company in the Queensland building industry, handling all the sales and marketing for various custom design and commercial builders, designing and constructing mainly high end custom designed homes, duplex’s and townhouses.

Ben spent the previous 7 years from 1997 to 2004 in Sales and Sales Management in both Melbourne and Brisbane, starting out in telemarketing and field sales then progressing to holding key senior Sales Management roles and managed both field sales and telemarketing teams.

Stephen Ogden

General Manager

Stephen joined AusPhil Outsourcing in 2009 as Call Centre Manager, responsible for day to day operations and Management of Training, and has been the company’s General Manager now since 2012.

Stephen brings to the company over 25 years in customer service management and sales experience. Stephen has helped AusPhil grow and expand over the last 5 years.

Prior to AusPhil Stephen spent 3 years working for a BPO company in Manila as floor supervisor for 11 months, Stephen was then promoted to Operations Manager, He handled several large US inbound customer service accounts, personally being responsible for over 100 staff.

Craig Hynes

Training Manager

Craig Joined AusPhil Outsourcing in 2013 as Training Manager and heads up our in house training department, Craig previously was a professional US college football coach for 10 years, this then paved the way for him using his skills in the finance sector, Craig brought his unique hands on coaching style which he obtained from football and applied it to his role as training and coaching specialist in the securities and fixed annuities sector with PFIC Corporation.

Craig also held the position of Program Director at PFIC and has an extensive background in the delivery of non-traditional products within banks. Craig became one of the top fixed annuity reps in the country with personal production of over $21 million 1995 – 1998. In addition to his personal sales, Craig has had experience in R & D of financial products, as well as an Executive VP of a bank’s financial services program.

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